Crow Vending Machine BOX Kit


(Made in U.S.A.)

August 1, 2015

   Have you heard how smart crows are? Have you seen those videos on YouTube

where crows are figuring out complex problems? I have, and back in 2010 I started thinking …


In 2011 I made a box that dispensed dog food in exchange for quarters.

In 2012 I modified it by putting in a window.

In 2013 I modified it some more by making it two-story.

In 2014 I gave myself the task of making the box function as simply as possible.

   My first box had: motors, batteries, auger, circuit boards, teeter-totter, etc. My point is, it was complicated.

My new Crow Vending Machine box is completely redesigned with my own custom-designed, 3-D printed food dispensing valve, as well as two other custom-designed parts. This box is as simple as I could imagine:

NO computers, NO software, NO laser cutting. I put it together with a saw, a Phillips screwdriver, and a soldering gun.

   After all that trial and error, designing and redesigning, I decided to put the crucial parts in a kit.

   And, I've had so much fun watching the crows, seeing how the babies learn better than the adults, and other behaviors. When they pick up a quarter and drop it on the box, you just know eventually it's going to click for them.

The point to this story is:

   I have a Crow Vending Machine Kit for sale. All the parts you need to get up and running are in the kit, except the wood (2’ x 4’ plywood) and a clear plastic 2-liter soda bottle. All the electrical parts are already soldered and mounted to the three custom-designed plastic parts. The work you have to do is build the box by following blueprint provided. You are encouraged to modify the box as your observations on how the crows use it may dictate.


- It's a great project to build with your kids – a chance to share quality time.

- It's a perfect way to get a little closer to nature.

- It could turn into a hobby, but at the same time it won’t dominate your time.

- With this kit you can actually perform scientific experiments.

  1. -Even if you're not interested in crows, this kit can be modified to feed your

  hamster when you're on vacation.

  1. -And of course the most important reason: YOU COULD GET RICH            when cows bring you money.

1 - Electronics harness (1-sensor, 1-jack, 1-diode, 1-relay, 1-solenoid)

1 - Power supply

1 - Food dispenser (custom-made 3D printed)

1 - Food-drop slide (custom-made 3D printed)

1 - Coin slide (custom-made 3D printed)

8 - Mounting screws

1 - Kit booklet



Crow Vending Machine Box Kit

1 - Blueprint sheet how to cut wood

1 - Bag of 40 screws

1 - Tips sheet

1 - Bag of kibble food

1 - Clear plastic (window cover)

3 - Quarter roll sleeves

4 - Quarters

Box, By Steve Joy 2010 -

Site, By Steve Joy 2015 -

$97.00 + $12 S&H

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